2021 Landscape Calendar

The 2021 Landscape Calendar is finally here!

It's a collection of some of my favorite landscape images from recent travels around the United States and Iceland. There are two calendar styles and prices ($45, $35) to choose from. Each calendar is 11"x17", wire-bound at the top, and has a separate page and photo for each month of the year.

Every calendar is signed by me and is accompanied with a separate product sheet describing the images; where they were captured, when they were captured, along with some brief thoughts and stories about photographing these wonderful locations. Guaranteed to be enjoyed for one full year!

Free shipping for all U.S. orders.

The Monthly Photos

Dream Calendar ($45) - The dream calendar is a large 11"x17" full page vertical format calendar with the monthly photo taking up the entire page. This format allows the photography to take center stage. Days of the month are listed at the very bottom of each page.

This isn't your typical run of the mill calendar. It's printed on premium high gloss paper using seven dye based inks. It features a spectacular wide-gamut, high definition print with smooth gradations, true-to-life colors, and superior clarity. This is the same high gloss paper used by the professional print lab to produce their best paper prints for framing. It's the crème de la crème of calendars.

The calendar is signed by me and includes a separate sheet describing each image.

Traditional Calendar ($35) - The traditional calendar features the exact same set of photos. This calendar is also 11"x17", but the monthly image is on the top half of each page, with days of the month filling the lower half. This format allows room for writing your events, appointments, birthdays, and so forth on the page. The photos are cropped in order to fit this format, but nonetheless look great. The traditional calendar is printed on a beautiful smooth semi-gloss surface.

The calendar is signed by me and includes a separate sheet describing each image.