Frequently Asked Questions

About the Prints

Do the prints look like the images on the website?

Yes. The gallery images on the website have the exact same height/width ratio as your print. This ensures no part of the image you see online is cutoff during the print process, regardless of the print size you choose. Color and sharpness are replicated as close as technically possible, and the results are truly astounding. This achievement is due to many factors including advanced shooting and post processing techniques, color calibration, and utilizing the best labs in the country to print your image. In fact, you will discover the prints are even more stunning, more beautiful, and have more detail than what you see online.

Note - the white border you see around each image online is not on the print you will receive. It is there only to accentuate the image in the digital world.

Which print lab do you use?

I actually use three print labs, depending on the print medium that you choose. Through rigorous testing over the years, I discovered different print labs excel at different print mediums. I won’t divulge which labs I use here, but I am happy to provide that information to any buyer.

What must I consider before ordering a print?

Choosing a fine art print is both a personal expression and an investment. Once you have decided on a print that speaks to you, print medium and size is selected. These two factors determine the purchase price.

How do I choose the print medium?

I offer five types of print medium (Lumachrome Acrylic, LexJet Acrylic, Chromaluxe Metal, Canvas, and Fuji Crystal Archival Paper), each one with unique characteristics and attributes. I encourage you to read About Your Print which describes each option in great detail. If you are struggling with the decision on which print medium would be best, please contact me and I will be happy to help with this decision.

What sizes do you offer?

Standard print sizes have a 2x3 ratio, and range in size from 16x24 inches up to 40x60 inches.

Panoramic print sizes have a 1x3 ratio, and range in size from 12x36 inches up to an amazing 30x90 inches.

Can I order a custom size?

Absolutely. If a collector wishes to order a custom size, please contact me to get pricing information.

How much do your print costs?

The prices for every size and print medium can be found on the Price page.

Do you offer framing for your prints?

No. The vast majority of collectors today enjoy the cleaner look of acrylic or metal prints without a frame. Not only do these frameless prints look fantastic on a wall, but frameless prints also significantly reduce the purchase cost. Another reason I don’t offer frames is because there are thousands of various frame styles, textures, and colors on the market, not to mention mats. I don’t want to limit your frame selection by only offering a subset of what is available. For those who wish to have their print framed, I’m convinced it would better for the collector to choose that perfect frame from their favorite frame shop.


How do I order a print?

Ordering your print is easy and secure. After choosing an image from an online gallery, simply scroll down and choose the print medium of choice. Next to each print medium is a pull-down menu with print sizes and price. Select the size you want and press the “Add to Cart” button. This action takes you to the shopping cart page where you can specify the number of prints you wish to purchase. If you have a discount code, enter the code here and press the apply button. The updated price will be displayed. The last step is choosing your payment method by using either PayPal or Stripe. Both options will take you to their third-party website where you can finalize and submit your payment.

What type of payment methods do you take?

PayPal is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. PayPal account holders can pay by credit card, debit card, or through external links they have set up with their bank. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can log in as a guest without having to setup an account.

Stripe is 100% secure e-commerce platform that processes credit card transactions.

Can I purchase your prints anywhere else?

Not currently. The only place to purchase prints is on this website. However, I do plan to participate in art festivals in the future. Please check back occasionally for updates.

Do I get status updates on my print?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after purchase. A second e-mail will be sent when the print is shipped, and it will contain a tracking number. After the print is delivered, you will also receive a brief questionnaire asking for your feedback. Your response is entirely optional, but I always appreciate comments.


Do you charge for shipping?

No. Shipping is free to any location in the United States.

How is my print shipped to me?

Your prints are professionally packaged and shipped directly to you by the print lab, which substantially decreases the cost.

How long does it take to receive my print?

Here are the general timeframes for delivery.

Lumachrome Acrylic: 2-4 weeks.
LexJet Acrylic: 2-3 weeks.
Chromaluxe Metal: 2-3 weeks.
Canvas: 2-3 weeks.
Fuji Paper: 1-2 weeks.

Do I have to be home when my print is delivered?

It depends. Most of the prints do not require a signature upon delivery so the print can be left on your doorstep. Since you have the tracking number and carrier information, you may always change the delivery date and policy. The Lumachrome Acrylic prints do require a signature upon delivery. Rest assured you will be notified of the progress along the way and can coordinate the delivery time and date with the carrier.

What if a print is damaged in shipment?

A damaged print is a very rare occurrence. This has only occurred one time since I have been in business. But if it does happen, please contact me immediately and I will send you a new print at no cost. You will likely be asked to take photos of the damage so I can submit them to the insurance carrier.

Taxes and Discounts

Do you charge sales tax?

No. There is no tax added to the purchase price.

Do you offer discounts or specials?

Absolutely. Every month I choose one image as Print of the Month and offer 20% off. This offer lasts all month and expires the last day of the month.

Everyone who orders a print is automatically entitled to 10% off all orders in the future.

Occasionally I will offer special online discounts to followers on my Facebook photography page.

Limited Editions

What are limited edition prints?

Most artwork today is sold as 'open editions', meaning an unlimited number of prints of the same image can be produced over time. This obviously limits their value.

Fine artwork should be protected physically, but it also needs to be protected as investment as well. That is why every image in my collection is capped, usually at 150 prints. When an image has reached its production limit, REGARDLESS of medium or size it will never be produced again. I'm proud to offer limited edition prints which includes a paper medium in addition to the very high-end acrylic and metal pieces. When you purchase an image from Chris Marler Photography, rest assured you will truly own a unique piece of art.

Are your prints signed and numbered?

Yes. Every print ordered online has my signature and edition number digitally embedded in an unobtrusive manner (.e.g. 69/150) in the bottom corner. A signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a shipped separately from the print itself for additional provenance approximately a week after you receive the print.

Paper Prints purchased at art festivals will also have my signature embedded on the image, but the edition number will be sealed to the back of the print.

Do you offer open prints?

No. Every print is a limited-edition print.

Do you participate in art shows or galleries?

Not yet. However, I do plan to showcase my prints in art galleries in the near future.

Guarantees & Warranties

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the print, I will either ship you a new print or grant you a full refund. That is a policy very few artists offer. I can only make this guarantee because I am that confident you will love the print. I take great strides to produce the highest quality photographic prints on the market today. If you wish to learn more about what it takes to produce these fine art photography, an upcoming blog on my work behind the scenes may be of interest to you.

What is your return policy?

I am proud to say I have never had a print returned, so first time buyers can be very confident they will be thrilled with their purchase. But as stated above, I will accept any return if requested, and either offer a replacement print at no cost or grant a full refund.

Other Products

Do you sell any other products besides prints?

Yes. I produce a yearly calendar available for sale around the first week of November. These calendars are very popular and usually sell out before the holidays.

The Photographer

How long have you been in business?

I started the business in January 2020. However, I’ve been photographing landscape and wildlife for over thirty years. I finally turned this hobby into a full-fledged business and haven’t looked back. Visit the about page to find more information about my background.

Do you have testimonial from collectors?

Yes. Please check out the Testimonials page from collectors who have purchased my prints.