About Chris Marler

Deep in the Hoh Rainforest of Western Washington


Chris Marler is a professional fine art landscape and wildlife photographer who aspires to capture the beauty of our natural world and share those images as museum quality photographic prints for your home. Chris goes to the extreme to seek out and capture timeless images of light, texture, and drama in nature. Chris wants everyone to experience the wonder and exhilaration that nature has blessed him with, to be amazed by its raw strength and power, to find peace and comfort in its solitude and calmness, to be inspired by its sheer beauty and magnificent glory, or to be motivated by its mystery and intrigue. Every print from Chris Marler is created with these attributes in mind and designed to speak to you for a lifetime.

Chris is also an avid conservationalist who advocates for the protection and preservation of the environment and all wildlife on this planet. Last year Chris was awarded the 2021 Best Fine Art Landscape Photographer of the year from Giggster. Please check out their awards and reviews by clicking on the link below.

Giggster - Best Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Chris photographing along the Dalton Highway in Alaska


Chris grew up in Boise, Idaho; fortunate enough to live in an area where outdoor recreation and activities were a way of life. During those early years, Chris gained a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty each season had to offer. Whether it was hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, Chris always wanted to be outside. He took up nature photography as a teenager to share his experiences with others, and that hobby turned into a lifelong passion.

After graduating from the University of Idaho (Go Vandals) with a Computer Science degree in 1986, Chris landed a job in Seattle as a software engineer for the Boeing Company. He continued to enhance his photography skills during the “working” years by experimenting with all kinds of photographic equipment, trying new techniques, developing a unique artistic vision, and learning which images worked and which ones didn't. Chris participated in dozens of workshops over the years and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from some of the best nature photographers in the business. John Shaw and Art Wolfe in particular inspired Chris and continue to influence his work today.

Seeking out great locations in the Southwest

In 2019 Chris retired from his day job and decided to chase his dream of nature photography full time. It was the best decision of his life. After nearly 35 years in the Seattle area, Chris and his wife Stacie moved back to southern Idaho where they are proud to call home again.

Exceptional fine art nature photography prints require wonderful light and subjects full of intrigue and inspiration. Chris seeks out dramatic landscapes during periods of soft beautiful light, pays close attention to detail, and looks for unique perspectives that others may not visualize. All this hard work shows up in the final product, and he is proud to offer the highest quality acrylic and metal prints for your home or office. Please drop Chris a line if you have any comments or questions. He would love to hear from you!

Mt. Rainier National Park

Note from Chris

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm so excited to share my love of nature through photography. One of my many goals is to visit and photograph every National Park in the United States. There is so much beauty in this country and I want to take in as much as possible. I still have more National Parks to visit and I'm confident I will achieve this goal in due time.

I have frequented Mt. Rainier National Park more than any other, with well over 100 trips under my belt. This photo was taken on a hiking trip on the Spray Park Trail, one of many scenic locations at this national treasure. I love the great outdoors and I hope that enthusiasm shows in my photography.

If you wish to follow my journey as I visit and photograph all the National Parks, check back periodically on the link below for updates.

National Parks I Have Visited