Night Skies Collection


Night Skies is a collection of 15 exquisite prints of the stars, planets, and our milky way galaxy. Created for star gazers, campers, backpackers, scientists, aurora borealis chasers, and astronomers. These prints will bring back that sense of wonder and awe when you stared up at that pitch-black sky and viewed the galaxy and the billions of stars which danced overhead. Without question, astrophotography is my favorite type of photography. It’s incredibly challenging from a technical perspective, but the rewards are so worth the trouble. The prints are nothing short of spectacular, but it’s the experience of being in these remote dark locations gazing up at the heavens which is such a life altering event. These prints are for all you star gazers out there that feel the same way and want something on your wall to rekindle those emotions every day.

Each print is a limited edition. Once a production limit of 150 is reached, the print will be discontinued, ensuring you own a very unique piece of art. Please visit the print page to learn all about the print process. Collectors can choose between acrylic, metal, and paper prints, and various sizes.

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