Blogs (Editorials)

Here you will find a collection of blogs/journals about my photography trips, travels, product reviews, location guides, and other general thoughts and opinions regarding wildlife and nature photography. Many of the images for purchase in my gallery were captured during the trips listed on this page. I usually travel solo, but have joined photography workshops on many occasions when that option is more feasible. I always return with a new experience and adventure under my belt.

Photoshop - How much is too much?

Let's face it. Nature photographers probably spend as much time in front of a monitor editing as they do taking photos in the field. But have you ever wondered how much editing is too much? Have you second guessed yourself about over processing photos? I know I have...

Best Nature Photographers of All Time

When I began to write this article, I knew right away I would be stirring up some controversy. After all, photography is art, and art is subjective. Art is interpreted differently by every person on the planet, which means there is no right or wrong answer...