Here you will find a collection of journals about my photography trips, travels, product reviews, location guides, and other general thoughts and opinions regarding wildlife and nature photography.   Many of the images for purchase in my gallery were captured during the trips listed on this page.  I usually travel solo, but have joined photography tours on many occasions when that option is more feasible.  I always return with a new experience and adventure under my belt.  

My Top Ten Outdoor Photographers

Rise and Shine - Prints Available

When I started to write this article, I knew right away I would be stirring up some controversy. After all, photography is art, and art is subjective. Art is interpreted differently by every person on the planet, which means there is no right or wrong answer...

Photography Guide to the Palouse

I’ve seen a few blogs and online Palouse photography guides, but none that were comprehensive enough to answer detailed questions that photographers have about this region. So, I decided to fill that void and write one myself...

Two Weeks in Iceland
Nov 2019

In early November, I traveled to Iceland for nearly two weeks of photography and exploration. This was a bucket-list trip I had been planning for quite some time. I traveled with a small group photographers led by Sean Parker and Iceland native Thor Jonsson...

Exploring Death Valley
March 2019

Truth be told, I was never interested in visiting or photographing Death Valley National Park until the last few years. I had a pre-conceived notion of what this arid desert would look like, and it wasn’t until I started seeing photos of this National Park from fellow nature photographers that I knew I had to go...

What's In My Bag
December 2019
Photo Gear

The most common question photographers get asked is "What type of camera system do you have?". The truth is any modern-day camera system can produce great images, and I believe the best photographs come from personal vision, dedication, composition, patience, and a passion for what you are doing...

The National Parks
A Personal Goal

We all have goals. Some goals can be accomplished daily while others take a lifetime. As a nature photographer, I set out decades ago to visit and photograph every National Park in the United States...