Are you the type of person who loves to interpret art and find meaning in something others cannot see?

Abstractions is a collection of 8 exquisite abstract/contemporary prints. Modern art is currently dominated by abstract patterns and shapes. Abstract photography is the cornerstone of the contemporary art industry, and the many creative ideas surrounding abstract art often originate from nature. Most people may not be aware that contemporary art and nature go hand in hand. The images in this gallery are intended for the contemporary art lover, or those people who enjoy various interpretations of their art and how it speaks to them. Be prepared for conversation starters when purchasing one of these pieces.

Each print is limited-edition. Once a production limit of 150 is reached, the print will be discontinued, ensuring you own a very unique piece of art. Please visit the print page to learn all about the print process. Collectors can choose between acrylic, metal, and paper prints, and various sizes.

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